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Tana Jump Start (Sep 16 - 17)

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Tana is mind-blowing! And, occasionally, mind-bending.

If you see the potential in Tana but don't know where to start, Tana Jump Start is exactly what you need.

I'm R.J. Nestor, Tana Ambassador (and Productivity Coach). Give me seven hours on one weekend. I'll drill Tana's fundamentals with you and we'll set up your workspace to get you off on the right foot.

(If you can't make every event live, all events are recorded!)

What Tana skills will you learn?

Fundamentals first

Nodes • References • Fields • Supertags • Live Searches (Queries)

Then the next level for extra power & control

Field types • Extending supertags • Built-in Commands • Grouping and Sorting searches, and modifying what you Display • Setting up Dashboards with Searches grouped in a tab view

We'll answer common questions

How do you translate your thinking from Roam or Notion to Tana? • How do you organize tasks and projects in Tana? • How do you capture notes and ideas in Tana? • How do you build dashboards for everything you need to track?

And we'll answer your questions

How does Tana meet my specific needs?

How does Tana Jump Start work?

All sessions are LIVE

Content is always up-to-date • It's tailored to YOUR specific needs • Sessions are recorded if you need to miss one and watch it later

Workshops are EXCLUSIVE

The upcoming session on September 16 & 17 will be capped at ONLY 20 • You get individualized attention • You'll have time to ask your burning Tana questions

Practice, not lecture

I'll show you how a feature works—how to think about it, how to work with it—and then you'll use it with feedback and guidance from me

Instructions & Exercises Template

Everything I demo in Tana Jump Start will be included in a simple template that you'll get one week prior to the start date. That way we'll be able to dive in immediately at the first session.

7 hours of intensive training

Two 2-hour sessions on Saturday

Highly structured • Practice the Tana skills that make the biggest impact

Two 90-minute sessions on Sunday

Expand your Tana skills • Explore your specific Tana needs and requirements

Ongoing help in community

Tana Jump Start is hosted on the Action-Powered Productivity community on Circle. You'll have ongoing access, so you can ask questions and get help even after the sessions are done!

When is the next Tana Jump Start?

Times U.S. Eastern Daylight (UTC-4)—click each link for your local time

Saturday, September 16 - Sunday, September 17, 2023

Session 1 (Fundamentals)
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday (your local time)

Session 2 (Next Level)
2 - 4 p.m. Saturday (your local time)

Session 3 (Common Challenges)
1:30 - 3 p.m. Sunday (your local time)

Session 4 (Your Challenges)
4 - 5:30 p.m. Sunday (your local time)

And after we're done, you'll still have access to me (and each other) in our shared community. Your questions will always have answers!

How do you sign up?

1. Purchase access on this site

You will automatically be added to, and directed to, the appropriate area on Circle for Tana Jump Start. If you don't know where to go, contact me through Gumroad or DM me in the Circle community (depending how far you get!).

2. RSVP to the 4 sessions in the TJS Live Sessions space

This ensures you'll be reminded when they're about to start!

3. Introduce yourself in the TJS Discussion space

Who are you, what brought you to Tana, and what are your specific Tana challenges (if you've used Tana enough to know!)? This helps us get to know each other, and lets me tailor the content to your specific concerns.

4. Watch for additional information

A few days before the workshop, I'll share some "Getting Ready" steps to make sure we're set to dive in when our Tana Jump Start weekend arrives!

Purchase TJS access now...

And I'll see you that weekend!!

I want this!

Tana Jump Start (Sep 16 - 17)

7 hours of intensive training
Drill Tana Fundamentals
Learn next-level Tana skills
Avoid common Tana challenges
Shape Tana to YOUR needs
LIVE sessions, always up-to-date
EXCLUSIVE: 20 attendees only
Template of Instructions & Exercises
Ongoing help after TJS ends

Tana Jump Start (Sep 16 - 17)

0 ratings
I want this!