Tana for Tasks 2 (T4T2)

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An app-like template, built in Tana

A hub for your work. A foundation for your workflows.

The original Tana for Tasks launched in November 2022 as a course to teach you how to build task management in Tana.

Tana for Tasks 2 is so, so much more.

Tana Commands make Tana for Tasks 2 into an app experience

✅ Recurring Tasks just work. No more workarounds. Click a button.

✅ Calendar views let you plan project timelines, reschedule tasks with drag-and-drop, set up events intuitively, and more.

✅ Tab-view Dashboards make reviews so easy, you can stop skipping them.

✅ Organize tasks in Bins & Projects—or rather, assign them and they'll just go there. Automatically.

✅ Meeting notes, AI-powered meeting summaries—simple, frictionless, powerful.

✅ Procedures, Project Templates, Pre-scheduled Tasks that go live when you spawn a project from a template

✅ The flexibility to adapt it to your setup, and the power so that you don't have to adapt it if you don't want to!

Build your work on the T4T2 foundation

Yesterday (May 23), in 20 minutes, I built a Tana workflow to start an unfamiliar project from scratch using AI-suggested tasks.

I built it in 20 minutes. It works in 2 minutes.

Because Tana for Tasks 2 is my foundation, I can build brand new workflows in minutes that leverage my existing task system.

Tana for Tasks 2 includes:

✅ The T4T2 Tana template, which behaves like a task app built in Tana

✅ Modules of clear, brief video tutorials to help you use T4T2

✅ Lifetime access to theTana for Tasks 2 community hosted via Circle as well as my Action-Powered Productivity free community

✅ Live Support & Development sessions for questions, fixing issues, and building onto (and into) the T4T2 template

✅ Lifetime access to course updates, as Tana adds features and grows over time

✅ A Tana invite! (if you need it)

Tutorials for Tana for Tasks 2 cover:

1. First Steps

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Install the Tana for Tasks 2 template (basically an app!) in one easy step

2. From Task to Agenda

  • Create and schedule tasks
  • Surface the right tasks with powerful daily queries
  • Build an Agenda from events and tasks

3. Recurring Tasks

  • They just work. No fuss, no muss

4. Bins & Projects

  • Store tasks related by category in Bins
  • Create projects
  • Schedule project tasks, track key dates, and more

5. Reviews

  • Build Dashboards for weekly, monthly, project, or any review
  • Surface tasks by Horizon, not just by scheduling them

6. Meetings

  • Track meetings and attendees
  • Capture meeting notes and action items easily
  • Generate meeting summaries with an AI assist

7. Procedures & Templates

  • Work consistently and efficiently
  • Capture reusable work to save loads of time
  • Prep tasks for one-click scheduling for projects you do regularly

8. Capture (under construction)

  • Clear your Tana Capture Inbox (iPhone only for now) with one button click
  • More commands will be added as time goes by

9. Under the Hood (coming soon!)

  • Video walkthroughs of the inner workings of the T4T2 template

If you're still waiting on a Tana invite...

Tana for Tasks 2 comes with a Tana invite!

Once you sign up, DM me in the course community and I'll get you an invite ASAP!

Buy T4T2 today and watch your productivity take off

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14-day Money Back Guarantee

If you install the T4T2 template into your Tana workspace and, within 14 days, complete the first four modules of tutorials (c. 2 hrs of content), and you don't find value in Tana for Tasks 2, DM me in the Circle community and request a full refund, no questions asked. I will request that you uninstall the template at that time, on the honor system.

Last updated Jun 7, 2023

Tana for Tasks 2

T4T2 template
Tana for Tasks 2 community via Circle (lifetime access!)
Live Support & Development sessions
Lifetime access to template updates
A Tana invite if you need it!
Extensive video tutorials
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Tana for Tasks 2 (T4T2)

4 ratings
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