Essential Tana Skills

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Tana is mind-blowing! And, occasionally, mind-bending.

If you see the potential in Tana but don't know where to start, Essential Tana Skills is just what the doctor ordered.

I'm R.J. Nestor, Tana Ambassador (and Productivity Coach). I'll drill Tana's fundamentals with you to get you off on the right foot.

What is Essential Tana Skills?

Essential Tana Skills is a self-paced masterclass that teaches you the mechanics and mindsets you need to make Tana work for you.

Here's how it works:

1. You purchase the Essential Tana Skills masterclass, which will link you to the Essential Tana Skills spaces in my Action-Powered Productivity community on Circle.

2. In "Module 0," I show you how to install and use the Lessons & Exercises template. This isn't a pile of lectures—I give you information, then you learn by doing.

3. You learn skills through three complementary modalities: (a) Video demos, (b) Reference guide detailing the hows & the whys of Tana skills, (c) Exercises to develop those skills for yourself.

4. These three modalities extend across three modules: (a) Tana Fundamentals, (b) Next-Level Tana Skills, and (c) Common Tana Patterns. (I detail these modules below.)

5. And, like most of my Circle-based resources, you'll have community access and regularly-scheduled live coaching sessions. That way you can ask questions and get feedback beyond the self-paced portion.

What Tana skills will you learn?

In each module, you'll learn when and why to use each Tana skill, as well as how!

Tana Fundamentals

Nodes • References • Fields • Supertags • Live Searches (Queries)

Next-Level Tana Skills for extra power & control

Field types • Extending supertags • Built-in Commands • Build Title from Fields • Grouping and Sorting searches, and modifying what you Display

Common Tana patterns as building blocks

Building Dashboards with searches & tabs view • Associating multiple supertags using fields and searches (e.g., tasks & projects, or books & authors) • Surface notes reliably by structuring supertags, fields, and searches in specific ways

Who is Essential Tana Skills for?

If you fit into either of these groups, you need Essential Tana Skills!

1. Tana newbies who need a firm grounding in Tana.

2. Tana veterans who need to reinforce Tana fundamentals and "untangle" their Tana skills.

How does Essential Tana Skills work?

Lessons & Exercises Template

Essential Tana Skills includes an easy-to-install Tana template, containing all the lessons & exercises you need to develop your Tana skills. I also include common uses for the various skills, so you'll learn both the mechanics and when to apply them.

Practice, not lecture

I also include tutorial videos, where I'll show you how a feature works—how to think about it, how to work with it

Ongoing help in community

Essential Tana Skills is hosted on the Action-Powered Productivity community on Circle. You'll have ongoing access, so you can ask questions when you need help!

Live sessions

I will also host occasional live sessions where you can get assistance directly!

How do you sign up?

1. Purchase access on this site

You will automatically be added to, and directed to, the appropriate area on Circle for Essential Tana Skills. If you don't know where to go, contact me through Gumroad or DM me in the Circle community (depending how far you get!).

2. Introduce yourself in the ETS Discussion space

Who are you, what brought you to Tana, and what are your specific Tana challenges (if you've used Tana enough to know!)?

3. Dive into the ETS Template & Masterclass space

Everything you need starts with Module 0. I'll give you the template and show you how to install it there!

Purchase Essential Tana Skills now...

And get started making Tana work for you!!

I want this!

7-day Money Back Guarantee

If you complete the first two modules of Essential Tana Skills within 7 days, and you don't find value in it, DM me in the Circle community and request a full refund, no questions asked. I will request that you uninstall the template at that time, on the honor system.

Last updated Oct 11, 2023

Essential Tana Skills

Template of Lessons & Exercises
3 Modules of self-paced Video Demos
Ongoing help & live sessions in the community
Drill Tana Fundamentals
Learn next-level Tana skills
Leverage common Tana patterns
Shape Tana to YOUR needs
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Essential Tana Skills

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I want this!